Saturday, September 28, 2013

Picture of the Day

  This is a picture that was taken before my son and I attended the Mothers and Sons ball at La Palais Royale ( last year in March. We went to Portrait Innovations ( where I scheduled a photo-shoot for the two of us. Taking family pictures together and taking vacations are two things that I make sure to do with my son each year. When we went to the ball, we both thought that it was kind of cheesy and thought that it could have been put together better, but because the two of us have learned how to have fun just being together we ended up having a great time. I find that it’s the times when my son and I are just hanging out that he is able to open up to me about certain things. My son has come to see me as not only his mom, but his friend also. We love to do most of the same things and are continually looking for new things to do. I believe that its these things that keep us close and allow us to bond and just enjoy each other, which I believe is important between parents and kids. Doing activities together allows my son and me to continue to learn about each other and to learn new things together. When looking at this picture, I can clearly see what one saying means by saying “pictures are worth more than a thousand words” (author unknown) because I can think of a thousand good thoughts about my son and I, but the thought that stands out the loudest is: best friends forever!


  1. I love Love LOVE this post. I do think that it is important for a parent to establish a relationship with their child in an authoritative way, but also leave room for there to be a friendship. I feel like parents and their children should be close and have a special bond. I have that same relationship with my dad, and we always went to the daddy-daughter dances. Spending time with your child(ren) can make or break them in the future, and it seems like you are fully invested in your son.

    1. Thank you soooo much for your post and kind words! What you and your dad has is what Im trying to have with my son.

  2. Making time for pictures and vacations gets overlooked so often in today's hustle-bustle lifestyle.

    This is such a sharp picture. The two of you look gorgeous together, and the little man is looking sharp! I love that hairstyle he's sportin!

  3. I think the small stuff is as important as the big stuff! And thank you for the awesome compliments, I am quite proud of my son and his haircut!